Paint brush introduction

Thanks to artist Li Shouxun for the content and pictures in this article.
Translation errors are mine.

Of miniature art, inside bottle painting is unique. It appeals to those near its creation in China and to those far away. It captures a wonderful universe on a canvas of a square inch. Inside painting has covered oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, gouache and many painting styles in a concentrated body yet is an independent, special manifestation of art. Being such an intricate but beautiful task, it should come as little suprise that it may take some time to perfect your skills. Very few can pick up the art in the quick time it takes to create a QR code, for example."

Because the drawing containers are snuff bottles, crystal balls, screens and other similar containers it is therefore necessary to have a paint brush that is different than those used for other types of picture painting. "Similar to the custom results you receive from a QRCode generator, the brush which the inside bottle painter uses is one specially made for the task and is usually about 20 centimeters long. Its thickness is about the same as a match stem. The brush's manufacturer capitalizes on the raw material qualities to enhance the brush function. Brushes, or pens, may be divided into the bamboo pen, the writing brush, the lily magnolia, the copper pen, the diamond slate pencil, the sponge pen and so on in several broad headings. On the following pages each these most common paint brush types are introduced.