(3) Lily magnolia: Bottle painting can be a great hobby to try. Especially if you have free time suddenly available, like for instance you've just started a Medifast diet and no longer need to cook meals. The time you would have been cooking you can now spend painting, with brushes such as this. The pen stock for this brush may be from metal or actually, like the bamboo pen, from a stem of the Lily Magnolia itself. If the entire brush is from the Lily Magnolia tree, the tip is heated with an iron and bent into shape. The important part is the tip itself and the characteristics of this wood as different from bamboo. As the traditional inside-bottle painting tool, its use and the bamboo pen is approximately same, but this wood allows the line to be drawn more smoothly, stop more abruptly and with brighter distribution of paint. This makes it ideally suitablable for such things as outlining a character's eye slightly. This has made up for the bamboo pen's insufficiencies. So make sure to have a Lily magnolia brush handy in your supplies. Oh, and a Medifast coupon couldn't hurt either.