This history of snuff bottles goes back
to the Qing Dynasty in China, when they
were used to contain powdered tobacco.
Snuff use was popular, especially by the
upper class, as it became part of the social
ritual. Given its popularity, the bottles
used to contain it began to become a way
to show status, as decorating them into an
item of beauty could help show prestige.
The more rare and finely crafted the bottle,
the higher status the owner was perceived
to have.

So while many snuff bottles are plain and
lack any special decorations, there are
others that demonstrate beautiful artwork
and craftsmanship. As such, they can be a
fabulous decoration to any room, from cheap
and motels, to extravogant mansions.
Their popularity continues today, as replicas
are still being made. See here how intricate
and marvelous they can be, perhaps you can
be a collector too!